How to become a TCPC?

1. Contact your local TECCO dealer and buy a TCPC Certification Kit.

The TCPC Certification Kit contains:

  • TECCO Photo BTG300 Baryt Glossy, 6 sheets A3+
  • TECCO Photo PFR295 FineArt Rag, 6 sheets A3+
  • TECCO Photo PL285 Luster, 6 sheets A3+
  • TCPC Questionnaire

2. Download & Answer the TCPC Questionaire.

Download TCPC Questionnaire

3. Print 3 Test Images.

The TCPC candidate has to print 3 TCPC Test Images on 3 different TECCO Papers and send them to TECCO.

Download TCPC Test Images

Our product management will measure and rate the prints and give a GO for the TCPC certification if the print results are strictly within the tolerances. The certified TCPC partner will then be listed on the TECCO Website under “Where to Print”. He also gets a printed certificate and holostickers which he can use to stick on the backside of the print. The TCPC logo can be used as a marketing tool on the website of the certified partner.
The certification is valid for 24months and has to be renewed afterwards.
If you have any question please contact us any time at